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Liani Cylinder by Ka’Imima

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Sustainable and unique pieces inspired by the beauty of the tropics, crafted by artisan in the North Eastern part of Colombia.  Made with Fique a natural fiber that grows in the leaves of the Fique plant, native to the Andean region. Liani Cylinder is the sizes for day and night bag; you will fit all your needed essentials


Material: Fique Fiber, interior lining with drawstring and silk tassels

Care instructions

Spot clean

Don’t fold, for packing purposes, just fill with your favorite clothes. Even though it looks delicate, the fiber is durable and will look better as it ages, just store properly when not in use.

About the Brand

KA’IMIMA was born in November 2016. After Maria C. the founder of Ka’Imima returned to her native country Colombia. After many years abroad, she started traveling locally, which inspired her first collection. A reflection of the Caribbean Sea, the Tropic, the Carnival colors and in general the Joy of her homeland.

 All the pieces are unique and sustainable creations, crafted by using the artistic input of different regions and made with natural materials. Using techniques like thread croquet Wayu accessories and Murano stones.

KA’IMIMA it’s a life philosophy, aimed to the women empowerment, especially those who are head of family and for some reason need a second chance.  The brands name KA’IMIMA comes from the word KA’I, which means SUN, in the Wayu dialect and Mima; how she calls her eldest daughter.

 By Women to the women in the WORLD.
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