Traveler Blanket - Stone Washed

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Our Traveler Blanket is twice as big as our other towels, and is designed to wrap you up comfortably on road trips, at concert festivals, and in the great outdoors. It’s lightweight, plush, and luxurious. Take it straight from your living room to a wine tasting under the sunset. It’s durable enough for playful afternoons at the beach, and versatile enough for elegant evenings in a cozy candle-lit bungalow.

  • Size 5x7
  • 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Hand-loomed

About The Handloom

This one of a kind garment is handmade and made of 100% Turkish Cotton. Variances may occur in color and weave as a result of the unique hand-looming process. Each garment has its own story and is hand-loomed by skilled, local artisans in the remote villages of Turkey. Our manifesto is to uphold the hand-looming art form that has been overlooked by mass production and bring it back to a personal, craftsmanship level.